You are at low risk for COVID-19

What should I do?

Continue to take proper precautions. If you have 1 low-risk symptom, it is highly recommended that a mask is worn for a full 10 days from the onset of symptoms. Students can return to school after being fever-free 24 hours (without fever-reducing medications) and with improved symptoms. Consider a telemedicine visit for a possible alternative diagnosis and school note.

If your symptom status changes, please retake the COVID-19 Self-Assessment for updated advice.

What about my family?

There is very low concern for your family members at this time. However, they should continue to take proper precautions as well.


This COVID-19 Self-Assessment does not replace professional medical advice, but can guide you on quarantining and isolation guidelines. Parents should help answer for children. Each member of the family can take this Self-Assessment to determine their specific quarantine/isolation guidelines. You may retake this self-evaluation at anytime during your quarantine if circumstances change.

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please dial 911 or go to a pediatric emergency room.

By clicking the link below, you are acknowledging that this tool is used for guidance only and does not replace professional medical advice.